A bedside table is important as it allows for the holding of necessities that will be used during the night. Here are the factors to consider when sourcing night tables.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Night Table


A proper bedside table should be level or slightly below the height of the mattress. There should be a straight, clean line from the top of the beds to bedside tables because you will need to reach for something easily. Therefore, tall beds must match tall bedside tables.

Storage Capability

A great bedside table should double up as storage. That means that it should also be strong enough. Consider pine bedside tables for they are hardy and thus more durable.

If you want a place to keep stuff such as medicine, socks, magazines, and prescription glasses, you will need furniture with bedside shelves. This gives you easy access to your items.

You could also consider bespoke bedside tables for storage. For the rooms with large bedside lamps, then consider wide bedside tables. It is important that furniture doubles up as storage.

Color of Bedside table

An expert opinion is choosing a bedside table that is a few tones lighter or darker than your bedroom’s color. What is the point of having a bedside table that is camouflaged? This will make the table eye-catching without dominating the bedroom space. For a bedside table color that seems to fit with any color scheme then select from white bedside tables.

Style of Bedside Table

Every person has a different taste in style. Choosing a bedside table that will properly suit your style makes your bedroom pleasant. For example, if your interior design is mid-century, ensure that you use mid-century bedside tables.

Bedroom Space

Consider the amount of surface area on each side of your bed. Take measurements before ordering your bedside table. If you have large floor space, consider large bedside tables ( If the floor space is small, you should choose a bedside table that covers less space. This factor helps keep your room clean and less clustered.


Tylko is a brand that produces customized bedside tables to fit every customer’s needs. If you are looking to find cheap, beautiful, tidy, and creative attributes on your next bedside table, then check out the Tylko website. Tylko has small to large tables with enough space to store your items.

Expert Opinion on Choosing a Bedside Table